boys and dogs | Seattle family photographer

This morning park session with 2 boys and their dog was so much fun!
These boys were so sweet and their new dog is clearly thrilled with her new home!

This dog was so well-behaved! She listened, she was awesome with the boys, obeyed commands. And loved to play!

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10 Responses to “boys and dogs | Seattle family photographer”

  1. Kim says:

    Great shots! The dog and boys really seem to love each other! So sweet.

  2. The Dad says:

    Thanks Emily!

    We had so much fun at the photo shoot and the pictures came out beautifully. You are the best!!!

    At times, it almost seemed like Camas (dog) was listening better than my two boys :)

  3. Boys + dog looks like a match made in heaven! Love the interactions you’ve captured!

  4. Vovo says:

    Thank you for the great pictures of my family and Camas. You clearly captured the love they have for her.

  5. oooooooooh! i absolutely adore these! what a wonderful story!

  6. Tina says:

    Great pictures! You captured all of their personalities!

  7. It is apparant this canine was ready for the photo session. What a fun time, boys and their dog- how precious. I am sure they will cherish the memories forever!

  8. So fun! I always love when clients bring their dogs along for a session! Great work!

  9. Petra King says:

    Love the action cute!!

  10. Elizabeth says:

    I love these pictures! These boys, their Dad and their dog are all so sweet and this shoot really captures their personalities! I LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing your talents to capture the love that exists between them. Very nice!

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