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October 4th, 2010

I’ve had the pleasure of doing the school photos at Shoreline Cooperative Preschool for a few years now, and it’s one of my favorite jobs. The kids are so cute! Shoreline Co-op and Teacher Patty have a special place in my heart…both of my children went here. Teacher Patty is a wonderful teacher, and the Co-op experience was one I will never forget. I learned so much through the school, the process, the other parents, and, of course, Teacher Patty. I can say without a doubt that I am a better parent because of my experience in Co-op preschool. If you are looking for a preschool, please consider Co-op!

Here are some of this year’s cuties!! Ages 2-5 is so fun! I never know what I am going to get!

And the wonderful Teacher Patty…

If you are interested in Co-op preschool, you can find more information here.
And you can visit the Shoreline Co-op blog or website.


jen & brian | seattle engagement photographer

September 26th, 2010

Today’s session with Jen and Brian was one of my favorites in a long time!! Everything was just right! We thought we might get rained out, but the rain held off and kept the crowds away from our location!! I had the privilege of shooting their wedding a few weeks ago and was thrilled that they wanted to do some fun shots on Jen’s bike and at the lake where they had their first date (awwwwww!!). It was really hard to pick favorites to show…and there’s so many more to edit! Here are some I just couldn’t wait to show them.

We started at their place for some fun shots on the bike…I love these two!

then we headed over to the lake….

Here’s to many happy years ahead you two! I hope you are always laughing!


Studio coming soon | Seattle family photographer

September 26th, 2010

The new studio space is almost ready. It’s a matter of getting organized and fine-tuning at this point. My daughter wanted me to try it out on her the other day, so I snapped a few by my tree wall. I am looking forward to offering some holiday sessions in the new studio! Stay tuned for more information and an opening special!

No photos available right now.

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What to wear? | Seattle portrait photographer

September 15th, 2010

I get asked this SO often! And it makes a big difference if you can follow even a few simple guidelines. First is that simple is best! Cartoon characters, logos, graphics….they all compete with your child’s face (or yours)! That being said, small kids can get away with some fun patterns. Stripes and polka dots are cute. I do think they work best away from the face.

When you are coming in with your family for a family shot, try to pick clothes that are complimentary, but they don’t need to be matching. If they are all the same value, then that will look best. I recommend this trick to see how your outfits will look as a group:

lay out the outfits on the bed next to each other. Turn around and walk away from them, then turn back around and look at the bed. Does one outfit or piece grab your attention a lot? If so, that is what will stand out in the photo. If you see one group, rather than one part first, then you’ve probably chosen well! And you can always bring several things to your session and I can help choose! I love doing that!

Here is one idea of some outfits that work well together. Not everyone has to be “matchy-matchy” to look good in a family portrait!


Jen & Brian | Seattle portrait photographer

September 8th, 2010

This past Friday night I had the opportunity to photograph the wedding of this adorable couple! I LOVED the colors they chose, and the vintage look to everything!

They got married at the historic Monte Cristo Ballroom…a beautiful and intimate place for a wedding!

I LOVED the dress she wore!!

Congratulations, Jen & Brian! Here’s to many happy years ahead!


The Peace Project

September 3rd, 2010

I am very excited to share my good news with you all! I entered a photograph into The Peace Project, an international competition to promote and inspire us all to contribute to global peace efforts. My entry won an Inspiration Award, and will be one of 150 selected entries to be printed and displayed in galleries in Los Angeles, San Fransisco and New York City! What an honor!! They are printing a book that will be available as well as other items. All net proceeds will go to the war victims in Sierra Leone. This is my entry:

You can see the other entries and read more at The Peace Project from The Whole 9.


summer evening | Seattle child photographer

August 17th, 2010

These are mine. We spent an evening at the beach the other night, and of course I took my camera along in hopes I might get a few good photos of my own kids. Which is MUCH more difficult than photos of other people’s kids. There was an ice cream bribe involved! In the end I got a few I love!

(could have used a hairbrush!)

I even got one of the two of them together!! I did get one of them smiling, but I like this one better. I may have to get this one BIG…I love this one!

And good thing I caught it because seconds later it turned into this:

and went downhill from there…

A beautiful evening!


brothers | Seattle family photographer

August 4th, 2010

Had another session with another family with two boys! Lots of boys this month! They were so sweet….it’s so nice to see big brothers in action! Here are a few favorites from today!

It’s easy to see where the kids get their good looks!

During the session, a young, injured bird came right up. It wasn’t afraid of us at all, and seemed to want help. It even ate out of Dad’s hand! Hopefully it made it safely.

Thanks, Norah and Frank for letting me photograph your beautiful family! And for the jicama salad recipe! I can’t wait to make it!


boys and dogs | Seattle family photographer

August 1st, 2010

This morning park session with 2 boys and their dog was so much fun!
These boys were so sweet and their new dog is clearly thrilled with her new home!

This dog was so well-behaved! She listened, she was awesome with the boys, obeyed commands. And loved to play!


Milestones | Seattle baby photographer

July 27th, 2010

Your baby’s milestones!!
My Milestone Plan

The first year of your baby’s life is magical!! Your baby will grow from a squishy, helpless, sweet-smelling bundle into a toddler! You and your baby will experience so many firsts this year…their first smile, first time to roll over, first time to sit up, first solid foods, first giggles, first tooth, crawling, standing, maybe even walking (then it’s a whole new ballgame!).

Treasure these precious moments with my Milestones Plan. You’ll save on session fees and prints, and at the end of your baby’s first year you will have a beautiful 10×20 storyboard with a picture of your baby from each stage of their unique first year!

Schedule your sessions around precious milestones!
At around 4 months baby will be grinning and laughing and possibly sitting up! This is a WONDERFUL time to capture!
At about 7-8 months, baby will be attempting (or mastering!) crawling, and maybe beginning to stand with support!
And of course, there is baby’s first birthday! What is more fun than a baby digging into a messy cake?? Cake and balloons are on me!

So how does it work?
• You pay $200 for 3 sessions in your baby’s first year, payable at the time of the first booking
• You will be able to order as many prints as you like at 25% off my a la carte print prices for orders placed within 7 days of the gallery being available to you online
• You will receive a 10×20 storyboard at the end of the three sessions to document your baby’s milestones
And if you had a newborn session with me, apply your ENTIRE newborn sitting fee as a print credit toward one order from the Milestones plan! At current pricing that’s an extra $100 to spend!

All sessions under the Milestones plan must be completed by baby’s 15th month.